Simple coord for ILD! I struggled getting a cute picture because I'm finding it hard to coord this op with a petti, it makes me look so bottom heavy ~.~
Headdress>> BTSSB
Op>> Meta
Socks>> Offbrand
Shoes>> Demonia
Point of fashion>> styling Off-White & Traditional Lolita
Current Obsession>> Naruto Figurines

Went to run errands and go to a metal bar with my boyfriend, wore this trad coord, this is my favourite coord yet!
Hairbows>> handmade
Blouse>> Bodyline
Jsk>> Black Orchid
Jacket>> Borrowed from my mum ^^
Randoseru>> Shirley Temple Cute
Socks>> Handmade
Shoes>> Demonia
Point Of Fashion>> Trad Lolita
Current Obsession>> New UTKs

Went to the DJCAD degree show in Dundee with my dad today, I didn't know wether to wear something casual or more dressed up, so I tried to find a comfortable middle ground ^^' trying to style lolita peices out of lolita~
Op>> Meta
Hoodie>> Gift
Shoes>> Demonia
Point Of Fashion>> Sneaky Egl
Current Obsession>> Meta OP